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Dr. Reynolds specials

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What Sets Us

Dr. Vincent D’Ascoli

Damon System

Dr. Vincent D’Ascoli is a board certified Orthodontist with 35 years of experience.

Top 1% INVISALIGN Provider


Dr. D’Ascoli has treated over 1,000 cases in INVISALIGN from simple to complex cases. INVISALIGN is the same price as braces. We are the only Board certified Top 1% INVISALIGN provider in Northern Nevada.

Ride the OrthoBus


We go to the schools saving you and your family time. Our fully functioning orthodontic office in a RV sees school staff and students in Dayton, Carson City, and Carson Valley area schools.

About Us

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge orthodontic care with industry-leading treatment options and efficiency, while creating Amazing Smiles for our patients in an environment that is fun and affordable for our customers and rewarding for our team.