For All Ages

Orthodontics for Teens and Adults

You deserve a beautiful smile at every stage of life.

When you picture your average braces patient, you usually think of a teen with traditional metal braces. But this is not what every braces patient looks like. Many of our patients are adults, and teens and adults alike take advantage of the many treatments we offer, moving beyond traditional metal braces.

Remember: you have options.

Many dread hearing that they need braces because they don’t want the look or feel of traditional metal braces. However, most patients can choose from a wide variety of treatment options. We suggest you consider clear braces, lingual braces, or Invisalign if you are worried about the look of braces.

Orthodontic care is for everyone.

And that is because healthy smiles are for everyone. If you are an adult seeking treatment, you won’t be alone. One in every five patients is over the age of 21. It is never too late for a better smile.

Treatment for teens and adults is mostly the same.

The main difference is that in teens, jawbone growth can be used to make treatment easier. However, once young women are 16 and young men turn 18, this is no longer the case. As a result, adults receive essentially the same treatment as those in their late teens.

Orthodontic treatment allows you to live a better life.

When you look good you feel good. And looks aside, orthodontic treatment makes you feel great. It corrects issues that can be painful, even digestive issues due to improperly chewed foods. There is no reason to deny yourself the chance to live and feel better.

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