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Top 1% Invisalign Provider
Invisalign For The Same Price As Braces

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Top 1% Invisalign Provider Invisalign For The Same Price As Braces

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Top 1% Invisalign Provider
Invisalign For The Same Price As Braces

Traditional Braces in Reno, NV & Surrounding Areas

traditional braces in reno nvExperience Proven Success Time After Time

Traditional braces in Reno, NV & Surrounding Areas are the most common type of braces used in orthodontics, as they are the tried-and-true method to straightening teeth, regardless of the severity of the case.

Metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and utilize brackets, small rubber bands, and archwires to straighten your teeth during the course of your treatment process. They have progressed a long way in the past decade, so they can now ensure better comfort while you wear them. They are also a great way to customize your smile by using different colored rubber bands. You can customize these at each visit according to your personal preference.

The Benefits of Braces

Braces are an orthodontic treatment used to correct an abnormal bite or straighten misaligned teeth. Without correction, crooked teeth or an abnormal bite can lead to various dental health issues including:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Tooth Loss
  • Gum Disease
  • Jaw Problems
  • Adverse Wear to Tooth Enamel
  • Ceramic: Traditional & Discreet

For patients who seek the functionality of traditional metal braces but with a more discreet look, ceramic braces are a great option. You’ll love our smooth, sculpted, and completely clear ceramic braces, which will not stain or discolor and which can be blended in with your unique tooth shade.

Even the brackets are clear, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing braces! Their comfortable, sculptured design and attractive translucent appearance help provide the self-confidence that comes from wearing braces that look as good as they perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which treatment is faster, braces or Invisalign? 

Both systems move teeth and provide correction of your bite. With braces, all teeth are always engaged during treatment. It can provide reasonable treatment time if the patient is careful without excessively breaking brackets. Invisalign incorporates digital technology and precision. Only the teeth that need movement are being moved with Invisalign which makes the treatment time shorter. Invisalign has optimized attachments to readily correct your teeth. The aligner covers all three sides to make the movement more efficient. However, if Invisalign aligners aren’t worn as directed, our progress will be slower and limited. Treatment time depends on how responsive your teeth are and how well you wear your aligners. IT’S COMPLIANCE, NOT THE APPLIANCE THAT GETS US TO A FABULOUS SMILE AND HEALTHY BITE.

Which treatment is better, braces or Invisalign? 

Dr. D’Ascoli will make his best recommendation for your treatment. However, in most cases, you will have a choice of either braces or Invisalign. This will ultimately be your decision as you know yourself best and each system has its responsibilities. We recommend going with Dr. D’Ascoli’s treatment plan as well as which system you would be the best patient. The price is the same for braces or Invisalign at our office, so the choice is not dictated by cost but rather how you want your journey to be.

Does Invisalign cost more than braces?

No, at our office braces and Invisalign are the same fee. We would prefer you to do what you would be most successful for and of course, based on Dr. D’Ascoli’s treatment recommendation. Most offices will charge more for Invisalign due to their demand and higher lab fee for the practice.

What do braces or Invisalign cost?

If it is full comprehensive treatment, it can range from $4,000-$7,500. Treatment fees can vary if it is an early treatment (Phase 1) or Phase 2. If you are a transfer patient and looking to finish out your current orthodontic treatment, fees will be assessed on progress. Treatment fee will vary on the duration and complexity of your case. As a private practice, we are on par with other practices in our area.
We are locally owned and operated. We are not owned by a corporate entity or financed by an investment firm.

Am I too old for braces/ Invisalign?

If your teeth, roots, and bone are healthy, then we can consider orthodontic treatment for you. Almost half of our practice consists of adult patients. It is best to have Dr. D’Ascoli evaluate you for treatment at a consultation.

What is too young for braces/ Invisalign?

This can vary with each child’s dental and facial development. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends a child get their first orthodontic evaluation at age 7. We recommend early treatment only if it is beneficial to the patient. Some things to consider correcting sooner for early treatment are cross bites, underbites, severe crowding, and airway orthodontics so facial and dental growth can be optimum. Coming in for a complimentary consultation can be very beneficial to parents of young children.

Learn More About Traditional Braces in Reno, NV & Surrounding Areas & Schedule Your Complimentary Appointment Today!

When you are ready to learn more about how orthodontic treatment can help you or your child achieve your healthiest smile, call 775-853-1919 to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation D’Ascoli Orthodontics Smile Assessment today. Your appointment includes a discussion of your goals, an in-depth oral exam, 3D scan, digital x-rays, a personalized treatment plan, and free bonus teeth whitening if you commit to Invisalign treatment the same day – a $295 value, for FREE!

You may also click here to use our online scheduling form. We look forward to helping you achieve your happiest, healthiest smile!

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Reno, NV our doctor and team at D’Ascoli Orthodontics also provide 5-star orthodontic care to patients from Carson City, Gardnerville, Incline Village & Fernley, NV, South Lake Tahoe, CA and Surrounding Areas.

Your Top-Rated Orthodontist in Reno, NV - South Lake Tahoe, CA & Beyond

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this team of wonderful people! Dr D'ascoli and his team have made the braces experience great for my son. He got Invisalign and he was so happy before and after he got them on. I've seen great results from Dr D'ascoli and his team from a very close friend. We look forward to the next visit and seeing the change in my sons teeth! Thank you for such a friendly and welcoming office!"

- Jennifer M.

jennifer m review

"I had a good experience here they are all professional and nice. I would definitely recommend this place!"

- Guy M.

guy m review

"First class staff. Always friendly and helpful. All of my questions and concerns handled professionally and promptly. We always feel taken care of. Dr. D'Ascoli has made all three of my children smile with confidence. Much gratitude to the office for all the hard work."

- Jennifer G.

jennifer g review

"They did a great job straightening up my teeth and made sure I was comfortable throughout the process."

- Fero. T.

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*The reviews listed are from actual patients of D'Ascoli Orthodontics. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.

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