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While we often associate the look of braces with teens, many young adults are not interested in wearing traditional metal braces. Due to social media use, they want to have a clear smile at all times. Invisalign Teen makes this possible.

Invisalign Teen offers the same benefits as Invisalign.

Clear, comfortable, removable, fast, and effective, Invisalign Teen is very similar to the standard Invisalign system. However, there are problems with the system that can be exacerbated when used with teens. Because the user has to remember to keep their appliance in and change it when needed, forgetfulness is a major concern.

Invisalign Teen makes it easier for teens to stay on top of treatment.

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Invisalign Teen has special indicators on each aligner that show if it has been worn enough. This makes it easy for the patient to know when to switch aligners and also allows parents to see if their teens are wearing them correctly. They system also comes with several free replacement aligners since we know most teens will lose a few.

We are experienced at providing Invisalign Teen treatment.

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Dr. D’Ascoli has treated over 500 patients with unique orthodontic needs using Invisalign, and is officially recognized as a Designated Invisalign Teen Provider. As a Designated Invisalign Teen Provider, Dr. D’Ascoli has undergone special training that not all orthodontists and dentists have.

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