Ride the OrthoBus

Ride the OrthoBus

Our unique mobile orthodontic office, also known as the OrthoBus, is a fully equipped, four-chair rolling R.V. that visits all the elementary and middle schools in Carson City, Minden-Gardnerville, and Dayton. We also see patients at Dayton High School. All our short orthodontic adjustments can be done on the OrthoBus.

The greatest benefit is for our patients who miss very little class time, and their working parents who miss no time on the job, not to mention fewer gallons of gasoline burned by eliminating the work-school-orthodontic office-school-work round robin. This can lead to better grades, happier bosses, and real time and money savings.


What do our patients say?

“My students miss so little class time that they can get right back to their assignments after visiting the OrthoBus.”
— Ms. Valerie, Dearborne art teacher, Douglas County

“Why I enjoy the OrthoBus — three words: convenience, convenience, convenience! As a working mom, it is so nice to have this service available for some of my child’s visits. Thank you, Dr. D’Ascoli!”
— Elizabeth C., parent, Carson City

“I live in Dayton and I work in Carson City. What a convenience this OrthoBus is. I miss no work and my kids miss less school. Thank you, Dr. D.”
— Connie M., parent, Dayton

“My daughter is a patient of Dr. D’Ascoli and she just loves going on the OrthoBus. She only misses a few minutes of school instead of the two hours it would take to go and pick her up from school, have her orthodontic appointment, and then drop her back off. Thank you so much for offering this service to the community.”
— Sheri J., Parent, Gardnerville

OrthoBus visits these schools:


  • Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School
  • Scarselli Elementary
  • CC Meneley Elementary
  • Gardnerville Elementary
  • Minden Elementary
  • Jacks Valley Elementary


  • Dayton High School
  • Dayton Intermediate School
  • Dayton Elementary
  • Sutro Elementary

Carson City

  • Eagle Valley Middle School
  • Carson Middle School
  • St. Teresa Elementary
  • Mark Twain Elementary
  • Seeliger Elementary
  • Empire Elementary
  • Bordewich Bray Elementary
  • Fremont Elementary
  • Fritsch Elementary
  • Capital Christian School